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Monday, March 13, 2006

I'm a customer. I want a pipe, not services.

James Enck has just posted about another step towards Europe replicating the sort of "Net Neutrality" nonsense being pitched in the US and Canada.

Right, I'm taking off my "analyst hat" here for a minute, and putting on my "customer hat".

I want a pipe to the Internet. I want to do what I like with it, within reason. I want you, Mr Carrier, to offer me a range of options about capped bandwidth per month, or "true unlimited", as if I'd bought an E1 connection straight to Telehouse.

I don't want your VoIP, I want Skype's. I don't want your email, I want Yahoo!'s. And I don't want your useless portal either, I want "the real Internet" via Google, iTunes, Amazon, Disney.com and everyone else. And I certainly don't want your customised client software on my PC. And I probably don't want your "home gateway" either, I can buy my own, thanks.

Your marketing says "broadband Internet". That's what I'm buying, not a high-speed link to your IP services delivery platform. If that's what you want to sell me, then you can pay for the connection fee yourself. I don't pay a monthly subscription to go to the supermarket.


Anonymous said...

Gr8...love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope the Bell, Rogers and Telus of Canada are listening.
"I am a customer. I want an air pipe, not services".
Wonderful post,