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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Off-topic... introducing my other Disruptive blog

I'm professionally-opinionated about mobile & wireless technologies. Those of you who have met me will be unsurprised that I hold "amateur" opinions about a bunch of other stuff too. I've just started a new blog on my thoughts on various scientific & environmental issues.

It's going to be pretty provocative, disruptive and contrarian about issues such as climate change, mobile mast safety and GM food. Given I don't spend as much time on those issues as I do on the mobile industry (and I don't have to think about getting paying clients), it will be less rigorously analytical, and will probably occasionally stray into "dangerous" areas like politics, and contain some fairly visceral sarcasm.

I'd warn readers of a nervous (ie Daily Mail-reading [for non-UK readers, this is Britain's favourite scaremongering newspaper]) disposition to avoid it.

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