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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Key events: Open Mobile Summit, eComm 2009 and UK ITSPA awards

I make it over to the US West Coast a few times a year. In the past I used to attend VON, but since its demise, a couple of other events have made their mark on my calendar.

First up is the Open Mobile Summit on Nov 19-20 in San Francisco. I'm moderating a stream & panel session on the first day looking at the impact of "openness" on incumbent mobile operators, with presenters including AT&T and TeliaSonera, plus panellists from BT, Orange, O2 and NextWave.

There's an "early bird" discount until this Friday, so get your delegate tickets ASAP.

Note: I'm in the Bay Area on the 17-18th Nov prior to Open Mobile, so please let me know (via consultancy AT disruptive-analysis DOT com) if you're interested in private onsite briefings or workshops on topics like Femtocells, FMC, Mobile Broadband, European Mobile Trends or related themes.

Next up is the launch of the website & call for speakers for the 2009 eComm event, also in SF, on 3-5 March next year. It was one of the most fascinating events I've attended this year (see blog posts here and here ) and I'd expect next year's to follow on in style. I love the tagline "Defining the Post-Telecom Era"....

And lastly for this list, if you're a VoIP or related company, I'm involved in the UK IP Telephony Service Provider Association (ITSPA) awards this year. Any nominations - let me or the ITSPA folk know ASAP. The event itself is going to be held on December 11th in the centre of the known universe, otherwise called the UK Houses of Parliament, in Westminster in London.

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