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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Victory for commensense branding - HSPA+

OK, so HSPA isn't the most snappy acronym on the planet. But most people in the industry have grown to recognise and evn like it.

There's been a bit of a spat about the next step though - some companies (notably Qualcomm) have been using the fairly clean and intuitive HSPA+ .

Others (notably Ericsson and the official standards-definer 3GPP) have been using clunky terms like HSPA Evolved, HSPA Evolution and the like.

Commonsense has prevailed - Vodafone's announcement has pretty much nailed shut the coffin on this Evolution verbiage. Why use four syllables when one will do?

Now I'm hoping they go one better and go back to call "that" Barcelona event by its proper name, 3GSM, rather than its current bland moniker....


Paul said...

Hi Dean,

There are many of us that are bi-lingual on this!

'Evolved HSPA' or 'HSPA Evolved' are both used to show some consistency with LTE (now there's an acronym in ned of re-naming....) in terms of spectral efficiency, primarily to keep honest those member of society who insist that (not yet commercially deployed)'4G' LTE is the only comparable technology to that used in an underwhelming but self-styled '4G' network 30 miles from Washington

David Chambers said...


Couldn't agree more.

I wondered if 4GSM might be considered for "that barcelona event". I believe the MWC name was intended to capture the other technologies, including CDMA and WiMAX, all under one event.

Since that hasn't happened, and it's still really a "GSM Family" event, this term might be more appropriate (and snappy).

I guess some of the CDMA operators now moving to adopt LTE quickly might object - but one of the reasons they are making this change is to benefit from low costs through mass adoption and international roaming traffic.

David Chambers

Anonymous said...

That Barcelona event is still called "Cannes" in my filing system. Surely what we really want is a return to French shores, for many reasons, not least that it's a hell of a lot safer.