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Need an experienced, provocative & influential telecoms keynote speaker, moderator/chair or workshop facilitator?
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Partners & Events

Disruptive Analysis works closely with a number of other companies & individuals on research, consulting, workshops and conferences

Alan Quayle - Business & Service Development Disruptive Analysis works with Alan Quayle on strategy workshops & other engagements for telcos & those involved in service creation, development and APIs. In addition, Dean Bubley is on the advisory panel for the TAD (Telecom App Developer) Summit events.

Martin Geddes Consulting - Disruptive Analysis works closely with MGC on consulting assignments, and the ground-breaking Future of Voice series of workshops. Sign up for the free Future of Comms newsletter

STL Partners / Telco 2.0
Disruptive Analysis has worked closely with STL for over 4 years, co-writing research reports & briefs, collaborating on consulting assignments, and regularly speaking at the Telco 2.0 and New Digital Economics series of conferences.

In addition, Disruptive Analysis is able to work on tactical engagements or projects with other affiliates and friends, such as Diffraction Analysis (Benoit Felten) & Lewis Insight (Chris Lewis)

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