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5G, Network Slicing & MVNOs Workshop: 4th Dec

5G+MVNOs Workshop

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On July 4th 2018, Dean Bubley will be running a small-group interactive workshop in London, together with partners Mobilise Consulting, addressing one of the most interesting topics in telecoms technology and business models:
What does 5G & Network-Slicing mean for MVNOs & other wholesale models?

The day will have a maximum of 25 attendees to ensure a high level of discussion and interaction. Expect a diverse mix of service providers, MVNO/E/As, network vendors, software developers, regulators and other interested parties such as enterprises, investors and consultants. 

It is suitable for C-level executives, strategists, product management, marketing functions, CTO office, crypto/tokenisation entrepreneurs, analysts and regulatory affairs specialists. 

The workshop will run under Chatham House rules, to allow for candid discussion, without any external attribution of comments to individuals or their employers.

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