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Telecoms Blockchain Workshop Day - 3rd July

Telecom+Blockchain Workshop

On July 3rd 2018, Dean Bubley will be running a small-group interactive workshop in London, addressing one of the hottest topics in telecoms technology and business models:
Blockchain, Distributed Ledgers & Cryptocurrency for Telecoms & Networks.

The workshop will consider use-cases, timelines, opportunities & challenges for both private/permissioned ledgers, and public blockchains associated with tokens. It will look at the conventional telecoms industry, network equipment/software, and related aspects like IoT, mobile roaming, micropayments and wireless meshes.

The day will have a maximum of 25 attendees to ensure a high level of discussion and interaction. Expect a diverse mix of service providers, network vendors, software & token developers, regulators and other interested parties such as enterprises, investors and consultants. 

It is suitable for C-level executives, strategists, product management, marketing functions, CTO office, crypto/tokenisation entrepreneurs, analysts and regulatory affairs specialists. 

The workshop will run under Chatham House rules, to allow for candid discussion, without any external attribution of comments to individuals or their employers.

Workshop coverage & themes

To start, there will be brief "101 introduction" sessions for both blockchain technologies, and the broad structure of the telecom sector. These will address needs of attendees coming from just one sector & needing some background context for the day, and introductions to key terminology.

Specific topics to be discussed in the main part of the day include:

  • The different roles of public & private blockchains in telecoms & networks
  • Use of private blockchains to improve efficiency and costs of telecom operations, including billing/settlement, identity, data integrity and virtualised networks
  • Tokenisation & cryptocurrency applied to areas such as Wi-Fi access, mesh networks, roaming, VPNs, sharing of data and text quotas, and enterprise communications.
  • New telecoms/network services made possible with blockchain-based solutions, such as smart-contracts for network SLAs, vertical-sector applications such as eHealth or IoT data-sharing. 
  • Possible future intersections with eSIM, spectrum management, 5G, fixed networks & reinvention of core protocols like TCP/IP.
  • Current projects and initiatives by telcos, vendors & industry bodies
  • Intersections between IoT, devices, data management and ledgers
  • Key players in enterprise blockchain enablement & BCaaS platforms
  • Analysis of telecom-related ICOs and cryptocurrencies
  • Robust criticism of implausible-seeming & far-fetched ideas
  • Best practice by telcos in approaching blockchain offers
  • Possible long-term disruptions or shifts in industry value-chains
  • Risks and challenges with blockchain: regulation, volatility, skills etc
The sessions will combine presentations, networking opportunities, and small-group interactive roundtable discussions.  There will be a catered lunch & coffee breaks.

There may be one or two short presentations by external guest speakers during the day.

The Workshop Facilitator

Disruptive Analysis’ Dean Bubley will be the day's leader and facilitator. He is a well-known telecom industry figure, keynote speaker, consultant & experienced workshop convener, with many years of broad communications industry analysis – and outspoken views. A profile of Mr Bubley's background, coverage & links to recent speeches is here.

He has covered blockchain+telecoms intersections for several years, advising various clients in the telecoms and IoT spaces on opportunities and the evolving market landscape, for both public and private blockchain use-cases. This has covered areas including WiFi, cellular roaming, SDN/NFV, IoT connectivity, fixed broadband, dynamic spectrum, billing, eSIM and other telecoms domains.

Mr Bubley is one of few analysts who covers the entirety of the telecoms sector, from silicon to regulation to radio to billing/OSS to content services. The workshop will cover all relevant areas for distributed ledgers and cryptocurrencies, rather than just narrow topics such as mobile payments.

He has also spoken on blockchain issues at numerous telecoms industry events, including for bodies such as ITU and TMForum. In 2017 he authored a short report on blockchain and telecoms, published by Juniper Networks (here), and has also written on telecoms-related ICOs (see here and here)

(Disclosure: Mr Bubley is an advisor to a blockchain-based mesh/identity startup, AmmbrTech, and has consulted privately with other vendors and service providers)

Registration & Logistics

The workshop will take place on July 3rd at the Westbury Hotel in Mayfair, central London [link]. It will run from 9am-5pm, with plenty of time for networking and interactive discussion. Come prepared to think and talk, as well as listen – these are “lean-forward” days. Coffee and lunch are included.

The attendance fee is £599+VAT. There is a discount for a second attendee. Payment can be made via credit card (see Paypal Buy Now button below), or purchase-order & invoice on request. At present, I am not able to accept payments in cryptocurrency.

Note: sometimes Paypal can be a bit awkward, especially with corporate cards or accounts. Drop me an email if you experience any problems or for further details.
information AT disruptive-analysis DOT com

Regular Price

Terms & conditions:
1) Early bird pricing has ended

2) Payments are final & non-refundable except in case of cancellation of event
3) The workshop is for informational purposes & is not investment advice
4)  UK VAT is charged to all attendees, as the service is delivered in the UK
5)  The workshop is delivered on behalf of Disruptive Analysis Ltd., a company registered in England & Wales
6) Disruptive Analysis warrants that it will provide the services and deliverables described in this proposal to you with reasonable skill and care. It will use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that the services are provided in accordance with any timescales, delivery requirements and other specification
7) Every reasonable effort will be made to verify all work undertaken during this project as described in the proposal above. Findings, conclusions and recommendations that are delivered will be based on information gathered in good faith from both primary and secondary sources, whose accuracy it is not always possible to guarantee. As such no liability whatever can be accepted for actions taken based on any information that may subsequently prove to be incorrect. 
8) Force majeure: Neither party shall not be liable for any delay or failure to perform any obligation under this agreement insofar as the performance of such obligations is prevented by an event or by matters beyond its reasonable control (including but not limited to, failure of performance by a third party, earthquake, labour disputes, riots, government or relevant regulatory requirements, failure of computer equipment, failures or delays of sources from which information or data is obtained). 
9) Disruptive Analysis reserves the right to decline attendance by individuals, limit numbers from any one company, and exclude anyone who breaches the Chatham House confidentiality rules from the event
10) Material presented is copyright Disruptive Analysis. While materiial will be circulated to attendees, it cannot be copied or re-sold, nor re-published without permission.

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