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Friday, January 27, 2006

Predictions - FMC launches in 2006

I was at the FMC Congress again today. After his keynote presentation, FMCA Chairman Ryan Jarvis was put on the spot by one questioner, who challenged him to take a punt on how many new FMC services would be launched this year (he counts "already launched" ones as KT's OnePhone, BT Fusion)

He reckoned:

2-4 based on Bluetooth Cordless Telephony Profile (CTP) - [ie similar to KT's services]. This isn't something I've really tracked, but I guess SKT and LGT in Korea have to be fair bets to be among these prospective operators.

4-5 more based UMA - my guesses are Cingular, T-Mobile US, France Telecom and Telstra, with an option on TeliaSonera

2-3 based on WiFi SIP - my guesses would be neufCegetel's BeautifulPhone (in trial) and T-Com in Germany.

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