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3rd Neutral Host, Private Network & vRAN Workshop

Neutral Host Networks 3 (Indoor, Rural, Vertical, Virtual)
July 7th, 2020 - UPDATED: ONLINE EVENT
On July 7th 2020, Peter Curnow-Ford and Dean Bubley will run our 3rd workshop (our previous events in July & November 2019 were resoundingly successful) in London. It will cover some of the most interesting topics in telecoms technology and mobile business models: Neutral Hosts Networks (NHNs) with an updated agenda reflecting deeper focus on vertical and public-sector use-cases, the fit with private cellular
and the roles of Open RAN models for shared and neutral networks.

Update: Owing to the impact of Coronavirus on travel, event attendance, company policies & venues, this workshop will now take place online via Zoom on July 7th.
NHNs are open-access 4G or 5G mobile networks, using their own infrastructure - and increasingly their own spectrum - as a wholesale platform for national operators, enterprise cellular or new niche/MVNO providers. NHN models are evolving everywhere where coverage, siting or economics pose challenges for national MNOs - indoor, campus, rural, metro, and verticals including road/rail.

There is a strong link between NHNs and private cellular networks. The maturing of virtualised and open RAN platforms builds on the current small-cell and distributed-RAN architectures.

The workshop will cover:
The key uses for NHN deployment are:
  • Technology, incl 5G, small cells, network-slicing vRAN / O-RAN / OpenRAN / Open RAN / JOTS
  • Business models, spanning in-building, city-wide & rural markets and verticals
  • MNOs – how revenues can be shared, amortisation, tariffing
  • Fibre companies - Does NHN give them targeted entry points to 5G?
  • Private networks - what is the overlap with enterprise 4G / 5G?
  • Property companies & TowerCos – funding as part of property, investment bank criteria
  • Municipalities - the roles of local government in 5G shared networks
  • Regulatory and economic aspects such as spectrum, wholesale and planning & geopolitical issues
  • Spectrum: UK, Germany, US CBRS, local mmWave
  • Metropolitan centres needing 4G/5G densification with small cells or virtualised RAN
  • In-building, especially for large sites offices, stadiums, hotels and hospitals
  • Road and rail corridor coverage
  • Industrial sites and transport hubs like ports & airports
  • Enterprise private networks supporting major MNOs' coverage
  • Campus networks such as business parks & major new property developments
  • Multi-site enterprises such as retailers
  • Smart buildings + NHN combined

Experienced workshop facilitators and industry experts

Peter has led and chaired many conference sessions/panels on 5G, Connected Cities, Spectrum for Neutral Host, Investment in Small Cells and has experience in advising mobile clients on network investment, deployment and regulatory areas. Dean Bubley has conducted numerous similar workshops in the past, including on 5G/MVNOs, Private Cellular, & Telcos' Internet "OTT" services, as well as advising national and international regulators, telcos, vendors & investors.

The workshop is held under the Chatham House rule (link), to allow candid & confidential discussion, without external attribution of comments to individuals or their employers. Come prepared to think and talk, as well as listen – this is a “lean-forward” day. 

(We also do private, under-NDA workshops for internal discussion or training for single companies - see here) 


The workshop will feature a blend of networking, informative presentations, group interactive exercises and open debate. Additions to the first workshop include several new areas
  • vRAN & Open RAN - there is a growing move to open/disaggregated radio networks. But how do they fit with shared spectrum and neutral network concepts?
  • MNO's - how mobile operators leverage the concept and generate additional revenues
  • Deep comparison of private networks versus neutral host - analysis, features, benefits, challenges & hybrids? Do large campuses need both approaches?
  • Where does national roaming fit with neutral-host models?
  • Will private 4G / 5G networks also offer NHN or roaming abilities? Will regulations permit this?
  • 5G - how can it benefit from NHN to deliver inside-out coverage, put 5G into buildings first and then expand to outdoors?
  • What do UK, German, US & other countries' new local / shared spectrum licenses mean for neutral host, indoor private spectrum? How will numbering work?
Timing - UK British Summer Time (1hr behind CEST, 5hrs ahead of US EDT)

-  09:00 Welcome & objectives
-  09:15 Introduction by the group
-  09:30 Opening presentations and Q&A
Mobile industry trends, 4G & 5G, the case for NHNs & use-cases
Current NHN market status, UK/international
vRAN, ORAN, OpenRAN: a quick intro to virtualised mobile
-  10:30 Virtual coffee break
-  11:00 Making NHN business models real
What's the road-map? What sectors first? And who pays?
How do MNOs, property owners and vendors generate returns
-  12:00 Interactive Group Exercise

-  14:00 Challenges for NHNs
5G, vRAN & Open RAN architectures & business issues
Private, Neutral & Campus networks
Regulatory/spectrum licensing & numbering issues
Is roaming an easier approach?
-  15:00 Visions, Scenarios & Actions for the future of NHNs & shared vRAN
Early successes, trials & testbeds
How do we build scale, industry / international coordination?
MNO buy-in, investment sources
-  15:45 Conclusions & Wrap-Up
-  16:00 End of formal session
-  17:00 Virtual pub networking session (+ bonus online magic show!)

Who should attend?
What you will learn & share
  • Established & startup NHN players
  • Cellular equipment & software vendors
  • Local and central governments & agencies
  • Small cell, vRAN / OpenRAN, core & IT virtualisation vendors
  • In-building wireless solutions suppliers
  • Spectrum/wholesale regulators
  • Design, test & tool companies
  • Mobile, fixed and cable telecom operators
  • Industry associations & standards bodies
  • Venue owners and property developers
  • Rural and road/rail network specialists
  • Enterprise networking & IoT managers
  • Telecom, technology & property investors
  • Where is the real NHN activity
  • What's real and practical?
  • Will MNOs be wholesale customers
  • How can OpenRAN fit with sharing / NHN
  • Who will own (& operate) the assets
  • Issues for multi-site organisations
  • How should property owners, local authorities & others approach NHNs
  • Timelines for deployment of NHNs
  • What spectrum options for NHN types
  • How do regulators support NHN models
  • What is required for NHN backhaul
  • Overlap / hybrids with private cellular
  • What's the NHN angle for enterprises

The event will be run on Zoom, using chat, Q&A and breakout-room functions.

Expect a diverse mix of delegates, each with a different story and view of opportunities and challenges. It is suitable for C-level executives, strategists, product management, marketing functions, CTO office, analysts and regulatory specialists and the investment industry.

If you are interested in a private, single-company workshop, that can also be organised. Click here for details.

Booking and Payment

There is a Calendly registration link below, which can accept card payments as well as PayPal transfers, for single attendees.

Alternatively, contact information at disruptive-analysis dot com if you want to book multiple places (-20% discount for 2), be invoiced directly, and use purchase-order & bank-transfer. Payment in GBP, EUR or USD.

Pricing for attendance:
  • Delegate fee £499+VAT - includes an extra 1-1 advisory call for 1hr after the workshop
  • In the event of forced cancellation because of new restrictions on travel / events because of the coronavirus outbreak, or because of quarantine or self-isolation by presenters or attendees, payments will be refunded.
For booking please email information AT disruptive-analysis DOT com


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