Speaking Engagements & Private Workshops - Get Dean Bubley to present or chair your event

Need an experienced, provocative & influential telecoms keynote speaker, moderator/chair or workshop facilitator?
To discuss Dean Bubley's appearance at a specific event, contact information AT disruptive-analysis DOT com

Event Speaking / Moderation

Are you looking for a provocative & influential keynote speaker, an experienced moderator/chair, or an effective & diligent workshop facilitator?

Disruptive Analysis' founder Dean Bubley speaks at over 30 telecoms industry events per year.

- Telco management roundtables/offsite strategy days
- Vendor customer events
- Industry association summits
- Public conferences
- Departmental / product-team brainstorms
- Press events
- Seminars & workshops alongside conferences
- Future of Voice workshops with Martin Geddes

Speaking engagements & workshops range broadly in terms of format, preparation time / customisation, interactivity level and fees charged. All, however, are guaranteed to benefit from Dean's encylopaedic knowledge of the industry, contrarian and provocative opinions, thought-leading analysis and clear independence.

Typical topics for presentations or workshops include:

- WebRTC strategy & market development
- Telecoms service innovation
- Telcos vs. OTTs
- 3G, 4G, WiFi, policy & mobile broadband
- Billing & OSS issues
- Regulation, spectrum policy, Net Neutrality & impact of politics
- Emerging market communications & Internet evolution
- Enterprise mobility

Where appropriate, Disruptive Analysis co-hosts events with key analyst partners or others

For more details or to discuss a specific event, contact information AT disruptive-analysis DOT com

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