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Private Workshops

Disruptive Analysis runs various public workshops for clients, such as the upcoming 2nd Neutral Host Networks event in London on November 21st (see here) and previous events on topics such as 5G+MVNOs, or Blockchain for Telecoms.

But for some companies, private and exclusive workshops can be preferable to public events. Some may wish to involve multiple individuals or departments in the discussion; others want to have the freedom to discuss confidential plans and observations, with an NDA in place. Travel is not always possible to fit with large groups' diaries or budgets.

In other cases, a workshop could fit well as part of an existing management offsite meeting or executive retreat.

Private Workshops on Neutral Host Networks

Dean Bubley & Peter Curnow-Ford can run our existing NHN workshop at your offices, or customise it to your requirements, adapting it to cover specific opportunities, preferred format or national marketplace. We both have extensive experience in facilitation of such private workshop and advisory events,

There are three options for our private workshops on NHNs

  • Half-day executive briefing: this is an overview of the neutral-host marketplace and underlying technology/policy trends, plus an open discussion period for assessing its relevance to the organisation. It is suitable for audiences from 5-50 people, and could also be delivered jointly with your staff to your own customers or sales targets.
  • Full-day workshop: this is essentially the normal public workshop event, delivered to a private and exclusive audience of up to 25 attendees. It includes detailed market and technology presentations, group discussions and exercises, and (optionally) an under-NDA feedback session on the organisation’s NHN plans and strategies
  • Custom 1- or 2-day event: this is a tailored option, with multiple possible formats depending on your requirements. It would be based around our core workshop material, but could involve extra interactive sessions for team-building, upfront conference calls and under-NDA research and hypothesis-generation, or stress-tests of existing plans and concepts. It can either take place over a single day as above, or include another session on practical implementation and road-mapping, broader training / awareness sessions of employees,  or engagement with your own customers or partners.
Takeaways: At the end of the workshop, you and your team will understand:

  • NHN Fundamentals
  • Possible NHN business models for your organisation
  • Technology challenges & direction 
  • Engagement with operators, property firms, regulators & other stakeholders

We can offer these workshops either at a hotel or meeting-room location arranged by ourselves, or at your own offices or preferred offsite venue. Although we are based in the UK, we can offer our private workshops globally, depending on diary availability and suitable travel arrangements.

Please contact us directly at information AT disruptive-analysis DOT com or via our LinkedIn pages, to discuss your requirements.

Other Private Workshops on Networks, Telecoms & Futurism

As well as NHNs, Disruptive Analysis also organises other private in-house workshops, seminars, training, keynote speeches and brainstorms on topics such as:
  • Private Cellular, Local Micro-Operators, Verticals & Indoor Wireless solutions
  • Distractions and Disruptions: What are your unspoken assumptions? (see link
  • Business Plan & Product Strategy: Stress-tests & market-fit brainstorm
  • Futurism & Horizon-Scanning: What megatrends are important on with 10-year view?
  • 5G reality-check: What does 5G really mean for your organisation? And when?
  • Telecom Situation Awareness: What's hype & what's real? What's beyond your view?
  • Spectrum policy: What should regulators & policymakers be thinking about?
  • Reinventing telecom wholesale: What will open-access fixed & mobile bring in future?
  • Advanced technology impact: Opportunities & risks from AI, blockchain, drones etc 
  • Edge-computing: How will the distributed-cloud model change your business? 
  • Other topics: Wi-Fi, eSIM, UCaaS / cPaaS, numbering, voice & messaging, WebRTC, Net Neutrality, fibre & network transport, telco cloud etc
Please contact information AT disruptive-analysis DOT com for more information about these or other fields.


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