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About Disruptive Analysis & Dean Bubley

Disruptive Wireless is the personal blog of Dean Bubley, founder of industry analyst & consulting company Disruptive Analysis

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The blog does not accept advertisements or paid posts. Where clients of Disruptive Analysis are discussed, this is clearly noted wherever possible. Opinions and analyses are included here for general interest, but are subject to change and need careful interpretation in the specific context of a given company.


Dean Bubley - Biography 

Dean Bubley

Director, Disruptive Analysis Ltd.

Mobile Technology & Futures Analyst / Consultant

Dean Bubley (@disruptivedean) is the founder of Disruptive Analysis, an independent technology industry analyst and consulting firm based in London. An outspoken analyst & futurist with over 25 years’ experience, he specialises in mobile / telecoms fields, with an eye on the broader technological, governmental and societal contexts. He is one of the leading market observers and forecasters covering 5G, network infrastructure & software, enterprise private networks, IoT, Wi-Fi, new telecom business models, voice/video communications and broadband/spectrum policy.

He is known as a contrarian and visionary, often with challenging opinions that go against industry consensus. Speaking at over 30 conferences and other events per year, and quoted by publications such as The Economist, FT & Wall Street Journal, he is an authority and provocateur. He regularly appears in technology industry videos, podcasts and blogs.

His clients include many of the world’s leading telecom operators, vendors, regulators and industry associations, conducting advisory projects & internal workshop exercises. He also acts as associate director in charge of Network Futures research for STL Partners. He provides clients with advice and analytical opinion on topics such as emerging trend “myth-busting”, business model validation, technology innovation and go-to-market strategies, "addressable market sizing", planning and due diligence.

Mr Bubley was formerly an equity analyst, covering communications stocks, with the UK arm of investment bank Robert W. Baird. Prior to that, he spent eight years at UK research firm Datamonitor, where he co-founded the company's Technology business, managed the Internet & Networking area and custom consulting operations, with roles of Chief Analyst & Director of Consulting. He holds a BA in Physics from Keble College, Oxford University.

He can be reached either on LinkedIn or Twitter

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