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Friday, March 03, 2006

And THE must-have, cutting-edge, feature on mobile phones is? ......

Amazing, isn't it. Two weeks ago, I had a never-ending stream of meetings with handset manufacturers and software vendors telling me about the latest, greatest technical advances that would make consumers buy more phones and use more services. Thinness, VGA screens, multi-megapixel cameras, UMA, WiFi, HDSPA, dynamic user interfaces, mobile TV and so on.

And yet today, I walked past my local branch of Carphone Warehouse, and I caught sight of what's actually hot. It's something I've also noticed in a few cafes and bars in London, but seeing it as the focus of all the point-of-sale material really brought it home.
The single biggest must-have feature for a mobile phone today?


Gabriel Kent said...

You are not serious are you?

If so, mind expanding a bit on this?



Dean Bubley said...

Well, I don't want a pink phone myself.... but it certainly appears that a significant number of people choose colour over capability.... and I can't blame Moto, Nokia et al taking the cheap-and-cheerful way to maintaining brand loyalty and margins

Gabriel Kent said...

Ahh so....which of those must-have, cutting-edge features are the coolest in your opinion?

I understand what you mean with the whole pink thing (and agree)...however, I would still like to get your opinion regarding real features on the horizon...



Anonymous said...

It just shows how bereft of real innovation the industry is - when there are no new features of wide appeal, go for color.