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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Teaser #1..... Most SIP-capable mobiles won't have WiFi

Shameless commercial self-promotion time.

I've been writing this blog for a while, but haven't really used it to pitch my own work that much. Apologies in advance, but that's going to change in some of my future posts.

I've been working on a major research project over recent months, for an upcoming research report, that may prove rather controversial and disruptive. I'm not going to reveal the full nature and scope of it just yet - although a number of you that have met me personally know already.

But a little bit of information as a teaser.....

.... various cellular handsets are starting to ship with embedded SIP capabilities. Sometimes this is "closed" (for example in a Push-to-Talk client), and in other cases it is exposed, via APIs, to 3rd-party applications ("Naked SIP" - remember the term). A number of companies already produce SIP-based VoIP and presence clients for Windows Mobile and Symbian devices.

When I speak to many of these software firms (and handset manufacturers, service providers, network vendors and others), the underlying assumption is that these will mostly be used on dual-mode WLAN/cellular devices.

Disruptive Analysis' motto is "Don't Assume", and this is a good example of its application.

Fewer than 15% of SIP-capable cellphones will have WiFi. Not just this year, but to 2010 and beyond.

If you want to know more about the research project & upcoming report, please email your details to sales@disruptive-analysis.com


{joey} said...

I suspected that the handset manufacturers might go that route. What about the Nokia E70, is that one of those few that support Wifi and SIP? I'd like to see you report. Me doign research into alternative access for rural connectivity. (Voice of Wifi mesh being my preffered option)

Paul Jardine said...

You mean because UMTS uses SIP?

Anonymous said...

Is there a list available of HW that is/will support SIP and WiFi?