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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Fuel cells in mobiles - Forget it, it ain't gonna happen.....

I've long thought that fuel cells in mobile phones were never going to happen. Yes, they pack a high energy density, but the idea of using a methanol-fuelled device by my head has never really appealed, especially given the ongoing risks of "normal" high-energy batteries spontaneously combusting.

I'd also been skeptical about the notion of taking cells with flammable contents on board aircraft. And yes, I know about less-flammable things like borohydrides, but given the hoo-ha of the last week about any liquids being taken on-board flights, I think we can finally lay this idea to rest. A pity, as it sounded kind of cool, but I think this is one area where practicality will get in the way.

1 comment:

Mane the Mean said...

Well, we can imagine a fuel-cell system, which allows removing the fuel from the phone before boarding. Later, at destination, one would then buy another fuel-package.

Doable, but maybe not realistic.