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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Hotel WiFi charges - momentum building....

Nice to see Silicon.com putting the boot into rapacious hotel chain operators (and their much-hated overpriced hotspot "partners"). OK, so actually the campaign started here but it's good to see some momentum building.

An open suggestion to Internet travel booking websites - add "free Internet access" as another check-box criterion along with "concierge" and "gym" and "swimming pool". Let customers filter out the offenders; maybe that will encourage the laggards to stop charging $10, 20, even $30 per day for WiFi.

I'd also encourage other readers to act on the principle of refusing to speak at events unless the organisers supply delegate WiFi (and, by extension, therefore kick the hotel/venue owners into shape on our behalf). I am now doing this, and if like me you find yourself inundated with requests to speak/chair, it's a nice simple filter to use to prioritise.

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