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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Away until the end of April

Posting is likely to be very light over the next few weeks - I am off on the charity trip across India I mentioned a couple of weeks ago.

If I get a chance to stop at Internet cafes (or get a decent prepaid data card) I might be online - although I'll probably be more geared to updating my travel blog than Disruptive Wireless.

It will also be pretty interesting to see the world's fastest-growing mobile market at first hand - not just in major cities and tourist areas, but also "in the middle of nowhere". I'll certainly write something up about my experiences on my return.


Gabe said...

If i sponsor you, does the money go to paying your trip? or entriely to the charity (I realize charities have running costs, i don't mind that).

Dimitris said...

Hi Dean,
take care and have a nice time! Looking forward to reading your travel logs and report when you get back.

CEO said...

had missed this. good travels dean! cheers!!!


Dean Bubley said...

Thanks for the comments.

Gabe - yes, the sponsorship goes to the charities. Kat & I have paid for our own flights, and the entry fee charged by the organisers.

Btw - for anyone interested, the WiFi at Bahrain airport in Gloria Jeans cafe is good-enough (and not blocked) to support Skype....

Gabe said...

Cool. Seems like a good charity. I'm sure even a modest donation will help. Cheers.