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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Upcoming event on all that's cool in comms - eComm Europe

I've name-dropped the two SF-based eComm events before - always among the most fascinating of events, ranging from Voice 2.0 startups to visionaries thinking about industry governance and spectrum policy, with a handful of cool apps & mobile services thrown in for good measure.

This time, it's on this side of the Atlantic, in Amsterdam from 28-30 October. I'll be there, speaking about voice-on-LTE and radio issues, and no doubt throwing my oar in on some other themes as well.

I'd definitely recommend it - it gives a great flavour of the direction that comms technology could / should / might go, as well as some meat on businesses surround it. It's not explicitly pro- or anti- large operators, but it definitely is anti-status quo. Generally, the carriers that are represented there are the ones that "get it" - the conservative old guard tends to stay away. Quite a good barometer, really.

The details are here

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