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Research Reports

Disruptive Analysis publishes various commercial research reports & studies:
(First published Feb 2013, now updated June 2013 & quarterly for subscribers)
Adding voice, video & realtime data to browsers & apps will change the communications world. Nearly 4bn devices will support WebRTC by 2016, with applications for telcos, enterprises & the consumer web. The report & quarterly updates analyse the key use cases, vendors, major strategic issues & provide the broadest coverage of any analyst house.

Why the concept of "sender-pays" or 1-800 tollfree data for mobile apps is a nice idea... but is massively over-hyped & won't work in practice.

Why fixed & mobile operators need to run their own Internet services for Communications, Content, Cloud & Connectivity

The Roadmap to New Telco 2.0 Business Models (March 2011)
Written in collaboration with STL Partners / Telco 2.0 this report plots the transformational path for operators addressing the six growth opportunity areas in telecoms, and the new business models and strategies needed to exploit them.

Rich Communications Suite (December 2010)
Why IMS RCS will fail as a massmarket service – and how to salvage it

Conference slide-decks and sponsored white papers on Carrier WiFi, Policy Management, Mobile Video, LTE, "Under the Floor Players" and more

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