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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Wireless Analysis by Disruptive Analysis

Welcome to Dean Bubley's blog covering the mobile, wireless and fixed/mobile convergence industry. As founder of Disruptive Analysis, I research, analyse and advise upon a broad spectrum of topics in these areas.

This blog will be a source of short comment pieces on announcements and underlying market trends in the cellular, WLAN and IP sectors. As the company name suggests, I specialise in looking for "failures of consensus" - either positive or negative.

Too many technologies, services, applications and platforms in the wireless industry are over-hyped or under-estimated. Often, a deeper and broader look, coupled with a little skepticism and (occasionally) a dose of cynicism, would highlight missed opportunities - or technical or commercial problems that could derail an otherwise competent business plan or forecast.

As a taster of things to come....

- UMA (unlicenced mobile access)
- Cellular operator IM
- Near-term massmarket WiMAX
- Free wireless VoIP
- Dual-mode WLAN/cellular phones
- Wireless presence
- Smartphones
- "Seamless" roaming

- PBX/cellular integration
- Poor indoor performance of 3G, WiMAX and other services
- Novel in-building wireless coverage solutions
- "Single-mode" (non-cellular) VoWLAN phones
- Impact of VoIP on cellular pricing
- Upgrading cellular network backhaul
- Difficulty of integrating & testing new features on mobile handsets
- The impact of a lack of "email portability" on FMC business models
- The role of "service enabled" home gateways for FMC

I'll be fleshing these out over time - either on the back of announcements or events, or when I get a chance to air my general opinions & research findings.

I look forward to getting your comments and feedback.

Dean Bubley

1 comment:

KeithJamesMc said...

I wonder what % of cellular backhaul are 2Mbs fixed wireless links?

I wonder what % have fibre to the site?