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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Attn Disruptive Analysis contacts: Change of phone #

Trying to coordinate my travel schedule, with the technicalities of simultaneously moving premises has unfortunately left a gap - despite my request for a forwarding announcement to be put on my old fixed telephone number (+44 20 7723 1259) to a new number, I understand this has not been actioned, and callers are getting a "number unobtainable" tone. I will rectify this as soon as I get back to the UK tomorrow, but in the meantime please use email or use my mobile number +44 7941 100016 to contact me if urgent.

1 comment:

bena roberts said...

HI Dean, just so you don't miss it - I posted a response to one of your blogs below - here it is:
(by the way - now I have your phone number!!) bena

HI Dean, I believe the website you saw might have been mine. Not sure if you remember - but we met at a surfKitchen event earlier in the year?
Anyway. I'm pleased that you are "laughing" at my stats as at least they are being noticed. Let me explain the context.
I believe that Mobile Search is accomodates - mobile advertising, mobile recommendation and social networking. My idea is that alone mobile search will be worth little but together it can be the oil that gels serach and drives the mobile Internet. Informa believe that mobile advertising will be worth 11 billion in 2011. If you look at it this way - way stats are conservative. Because mobile advertising is included in my analysis.
If you want to read The Mobile Search Analyst - let me know!
bena roberts