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Monday, January 08, 2007

Nokia, Skype, Internet tablets..... and Sprint?

Let's join the dots.

  • Nokia launches new N800 WiFi Internet Tablet, following on from N770
  • Nokia announced deal with Skype, to provide its VoIP service via WiFi on the N800
  • Nokia conspicuously chooses CES in the US to launch more of its N-series "multimedia computers" including the WiFi-equipped N93i (the "i" seems to be Nokiaspeak for consumer/Internet-centric, not operator-centric, hence the N80i with native VoIP client)
  • Nokia designated as "key consumer electronic device vendor" for Sprint's forthcoming WiMAX network, for which it will "develop and market WiMAX-enabled mobile devices in significant volumes, including multimedia computers and Internet tablets
  • A fascinating post on Michael Mace's Mobile Opportunity blog about Sprint's embracing of openness, device agnosticism and no-contract-required service on its WiMAX network.

Now, would anyone like to place a bet with me on the likely inclusion of WiMAX chips in the N900 or whatever the version is called? And perhaps a couple of N-series WiMAX-Phones (sorry, WiMAX-Multimedia-Computers)? And, just conceivably, Sprint following 3's trailblazing and extolling the virtues of Skype?

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N said...

Interesting news. Nokia with Skype. Hm...