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Thursday, February 22, 2007

OK, now this is a surprise... mobile advertising for enterprise users

Vodafone Netherlands has just announced an extremely unexpected variant on the theme of mobile advertising. Normally people envisage mobile ads as targeted at consumers, following a broadly TV/web-banner type model, selling the usual cars / cosmetics / food / travel and so on via a B2C marketing proposition.

So the news that Voda NL is instead looking at B2B mobile advertising strikes me as pretty left-field. Basically it's insurance firms pitching to insurance brokers' mobiles, and drug companies / health info providers pitching to pharmacists.

So potentially your local chemist might get a free phone & cheap calls if he's happy to be pitched about the latest & greatest cardiovascular pharmaceuticals, instead of playing Java games, while he's on the bus to work.....

Weird. Possibly a great idea, or possibly a micro-niche distraction. Top marks for lateral thinking, though.

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