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Friday, February 16, 2007

WiMAX as perfomed by the Royal Shakespeare Company

Picture the scene: Arun Sarin from Vodafone is seated at his desk. Enter the Ericsson sales rep, stage right, looking confident and holding a big folder with LTE written on it & a calculator with room for lots of zeros on the display.

"So", says Arun "I met this bloke from Intel the other day. Told me about this WiMAX thingy. Sounds awfully clever".

Ericsson rep shifts nervously in his seat & loosens his tie.

"Said it was going to be ready this year, apparently".

Mr Ericsson starts to look a bit pale.

"So", continues Sarin "what was it you said about the price of these gadgets you wanted me to buy?". He leans forward & looks quizzical, theatrically cupping his hand around his ear. "I'm sorry, could you say that again? Did I hear you say that IPR royalty rates were going to be much lower than for UMTS? How very kind of you to offer. Oh, and on your way out, could you ask the gentleman from San Diego to come in?"

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