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Monday, March 12, 2007

Telco 2.0 conference and other events....

Just a quick post to highlight some cool upcoming events, especially the 2nd Telco 2.0 conference in London later this month, for which I'll be moderating the Digital Worker stream. If you haven't encountered the Telco 2.0 guys, they include fellow blogger/analysts like Martin Geddes, and use some interesting interactive widget things to enable delegates to pose questions & make comments anonymously.

I'm also at a plethora of VoIP events.... I'm also going to be at the VoIP Summit in Budapest tomorrow & Weds; VON in San Jose next week; and the Osney Wireless VoIP event in London at the end of the month. The VoIP focus is not a coincidence... watch out for some upcoming unique research findings & a new report, as a result of a project I've been working on recently.

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