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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Zynetix acquired by Sonus Networks

I see that Zynetix has been acquired by VoIP and softswitch specialist Sonus Networks. I've known Zynetix for several years - the company has some interesting bits of GSM infrastructure used to connect picocells via IP into miniaturised cellular network elements, especially small MSCs. It's used these in a variety of niche contexts such as on-ship cellular deployments, network fill-in for remote areas and various military applications, as well as having a pitch for connecting up PBXs to cellular in the enterprise.

Sonus should provide the company with a framework to scale up more fully than it could have done on its own, especially given the continued noise around femtos, many of which are designed with VoIP "coming out the back" and look essentially like VoIP phones to the rest of the network. However, while femtos are currently the "sexiest" part of the wireless access arena, it's their bigger brothers picos that have more current real-world sales (and shipments). Typically servicing 10-30 users and costing $1000+ (vs. maybe 4 users / $200 for femtos), there's definitely some interesting use cases that Sonus' scale, channels and VoIP focus should help address.

Congratulations to Ian, Andy & co. in Twickenham.


Anonymous said...


Thank you for commenting on this.

Could you further delineate some thoughts as to how the Zynetix Technology could fold into Sonus' NG Telephony platform.


Z's switch appears to sit on the Edge of the network;does it attempt to extend some intelligence of the Wireless network further-out?

Do you know where Zynetix's technology rests with-in network?

I suspect this "Little" acquisition may have more going for it than what we know of it today....?

As you said;

" It's much more important to either add context to voice calls, or as discussed here, add voice in to other applications."

I believe this is exactly what Sonus is attempting to do.

Thank you very much,


Dean Bubley said...

Hi Dave

Unfortunately Sonus isn't a company I've had many dealings with in the past, so I'm not 100% clear on their broader strategy for mobility. Hopefully that picture should become clearly soon - I'm trying to get a briefing with them ASAP.


Dave said...

Thanks Dean,

Looking forward to hearing how a discussion with them goes(I hope you can share some details).

With Sonus' emphasis on Wireless,I believe you'll be surprised by what you find.

They're involved with a number of UK based carriers;Carphone Warehouse,Interoute,etc.

I think they have a location/support center in Swindon.

I've followed Sonus for a few years now as I've monitored the paradigm shift that's occuring
in Telephony.

From what I can tell,they are "thee" Leader in NG pure IP platformed voice.

With them targeting the largest carriers in the world,their acquisition of Zynetix was interesting.

I was wondering how Z's Technology would be scaled/might be a good fit for tomorrow's Unified Super Carrier Networker?

Sonus was very clear in that they saw Z's tech as filling in a hole that they have in their Solution offering.

So Just as you are un-familiar with Sonus;I know very little of Zynetix.

I noticed that you congratulated the boys at Zynetix on the buyout,so it appears you might be familiar with them.

I was hoping you might shed some light on what Zynetix was all about. I know they're quite small,13 employees,I believe. It's also no secret they were a private company,which had it's start in 2003.So they're relatively young. It appears that they were having some success in their niche,actually being profitable already.

So I guess I was wondering about the cleverness of their switching technology,do they have any competition,etc....

The Owner of Zynetix became a VP of Wireless with Sonus;I was wondering what his standing was in this Industry?

So I'm looking forward to your follow-up.

Thanks again,

(a USA reader)

Marie-Louise Adlercreutz said...

I am trying to contact you in regards to a speaking opportunity. I am putting together the 4th annual MVNO Summit and I would love to send you an invitation to participate in this conference. What is the best way to contact you regarding this inquiry? Kindly, Marie-Louise

Anonymous said...


Any further thoughts?



Dean Bubley said...

Dave - not at present, tied up with a few things. Please contact me offline via info at disruptive-analysis.com

Anonymous said...

Hi, Im interested in knowing more about the Zynetix/Sonus solution. How can I get in touch with you?