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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

SonyEricsson Z750: first-to-market featurephone with Naked SIP?

[edited - thanks to a keen-eyed contributor for pointing out that I'd initially referred to the old K750 rather than the shiny new Z750]

When I published my report on SIP- and IMS-capable handsets last year, one of my underlying assumptions in the forecasts was that "Naked SIP" capabilities would start to extend beyond smartphones into the high-end featurephone arena during 2007. I anticipated that the pivotal enabler would be an extension to mobile Java called JSR-180, which gives developers access to a SIP API from within Java applets.

So it's nice to see that Sony Ericsson's newly-announced Z750 and indeed its new variant of its Java platform, supports MSA JSR-248, an "umbrella" Java extension intended to be a new standard, which includes JSR-180 as one of its mandatory components when implemented in its "full" rather than "subset" version. This line in the press release is quite telling when it comes to SIP-enabled applications "Java Platform 8 (JP-8), supporting a range of new Java programming features including instant messaging / chat and presence based functionality"

Two other things stand out:
  • The inclusion of JSR-256 to give access to accelerometers for motion-sensing applications. As I mentioned a while back, I think this going to be a key inclusion in a lot of new handsets, enabling "multi-context" operation, which will be far more important than multimedia. To be honest, I hadn't even realised a Java API for sensors was on the cards, but this just adds to my conviction that sensors are the next "big thing" in terms of massmarket handset features.
  • The apparent exclusion of JSR-281, the IMS Java API, although I guess that may be implemented on a case-by-case basis on specific phones.


Anonymous said...

tiny point - it is a J750. I got all excited that my aged K750i could be flashed...

Anonymous said...

Z750, even. Sorry