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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Nokia S40 - no SIP support

Interesting to see that Nokia's new version of its Series-40 low-to-mid platform has adopted the new "standard" for handset Java implementation, JSR248. However, it has only adopted the "subset" of JSR248, rather than the full version.

From another Sun document: "The subset meets today’s base common handset functionality. The full specification is targeted at featurerich, leading-edge mobile devices."

Importantly, this means that 5th-edition S40 devices will not support a SIP API in Java as the subset excludes JSR180. This is in contrast to SonyEricsson's recent announcement of a different strategy for developers looking at its featurephones.

Nokia Series 60 does support SIP, both natively and from within Java. What this means, therefore, is that developers who wish to work on applications requiring Naked SIP are excluded from a large part of the loyal Nokia user base.

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