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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Congrats to the OMTP on the USB recommendation

This came out a couple of days ago, but doesn't appear to have got that much exposure. Standardisation on micro-USB ports for phones. About time.

Maybe... finally.... we might be able to end the ever-growing mountain of proprietary charging bricks & power cables for handsets and accessories. I've got at least 10 cluttering up my house.

This could also have beneficial environmental side-effects, in terms of production of the power components and also waste disposal. Also, many lazy users leave their power cables plugged in & switched on even when not charging phones. Hopefully the OMTP will also push for standardised 'power down when no phone connected' mechanisms.

This also fixes one of the downsides of 'multiplicity' in mobile devices. I don't mind carrying 2+ phones, digital camera and a laptop if I've got a bag... but if any longer trip involves also lugging another 3kg of transformers & plugs then it's a bit more of a pain.


Liviou said...
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Liviou said...

Hi Dean,

That looks to good to be true! How many chargers and data cables accumulated!!!

One can only wonder, why did it took so long? Was it a way to make more factories running, consumers consume more and the revenues higher?
It partly helps limit consumers' churn. At least it did for me. I indeed keep buying nokia phones also because I can keep using 1 single charger (I also got used to their good UI).

Rem: thx to re-check the link. I got a "page not found".
This one works: