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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

DIfferent device, same service.... different price

So, get a WiFi-powered Nokia and pay $8 a month for worldwide Boingo WiFi access.

Get a PC with WiFi and pay $39 a month for the same thing.

Presumably they're assuming that PC users either (a) have more money or (b) use more data

Seems like a great way to ensure lots more people start using their phone as a modem, to connect their PCs....

Either way, it makes a bit of a mockery of Nokia's claim that an N-series 'multimedia computer' is a replacement for a full PC. Although to be fair, nobody believed that anyway.

1 comment:

Hywel said...

Three are starting to punt their 'mobile broadband' service. But it still looks very expensive. http://www.three.co.uk/personal/products_services_/mobile_broadband_/index.omp