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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pre-publication alert: New report on VoIPo3G business models

I'm just putting the finishing touches to a new Disruptive Analysis report on VoIPo3G Business Models, due to be published in the next couple of weeks.

Regular readers will recognise this as a theme I've touched upon numerous times in the past year or so. This year has seen the emergence of disruptive companies like Fring and Yeigo enabling wide-area VoIP on smartphones, and the increasing use of Skype and other softphones on 3G-connected laptops. At the same time, operators and their suppliers have been talking up the future generations of all-IP technologies like UMB and LTE, which make true mobile VoIP inevitable in the longer term for the established carriers.

I'm not going to give away any conclusions yet - but suffice to say that any company with a VoWLAN strategy had better start looking very seriously at VoIPo3G as a complement to it, if they haven't already done so. The comparative forecasts are eye-catching.

I believe that this will be the first, dedicated, comprehensive report on VoIPo3G, covering:

- Both operators' and competing independent VoIP players' business models for VoIPo3G
- CDMA/UMB and HSPA/LTE suitability for VoIP, and the likely timelines for adoption
- Different flavours and usage cases for VoIPo3G - from PTT to Multimedia Telephony to Enterprise communications
- Scrutiny of the opportunity for 'non telephony' VoIP and Voice 2,0 services
- Prerequisites and enablers, such as suitable open handsets and data tariffs
- Inclusion of phone- and laptop-based VoIP
- Analysis of likely competitive tactics of incumbents responding to VoIP rivals' efforts
- VoIP partnership options for UMTS carriers while they're waiting for LTE
- Full quantitative forecasts, with extremely detailed treatment of assumptions & variables

More details will be available shortly. But if you'd like a sneak preview, I'm moderating a panel on VoIPo3G at VON in Boston next week.

And if you'd like to register your details, and express interest in obtaining the report as soon as it is published, please email information AT disruptive-analysis.com .

Many thanks for reading this unashamedly commercial post.



ChrisM said...

I look forward to the actual publication of your article.

Yeigo eMarketing Developer

Anonymous said...

Maybe the question is 'why would you not have VoIP over 3G?'. The fact is historically the existing mobile voice mechanisms have been implemented side by side with ever faster data pathways that finally easily support VoIP, especially if based upon iLBC or similar codec. There are issues of network tuning and latency (bit error correction vs packet resends) but those seem much less important at the 3G level than at Edge and equivalent speeds.

Mobile data = broadband = pipe to Internet, so unless there is some fundamental technical reason (e.g. satellite hops) why voice won't work, then since VoIP works on broadband it should certainly work over 3G and higher.