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Friday, October 19, 2007

WiMAX misquotes.....


"Once certain interference problems have been resolved, WiMax could become as ubiquitous as mobile phones and conventional broadband, Bubley said. "The real kick comes between two and five years from now," he said, when consumers will start seeing the first mobile phone-style devices using WiMax come on the market"

Well no, that's not what I actually said, but I guess being quoted incorrectly is better than not being quoted at all.

For the record, what I actually meant about two-to-five years was that is when I expect to see large-scale WiMAX networks operational in a decent number of countries - ie after 2.5GHz spectrum auctions, network build-out and increasing device maturity.

I see WiMAX as important, yes, but I'm certainly not expecting it to scale to levels comparable with 3bn cellular subscribers or 500m DSL/cable homes.

I can't see WiMAX devices becoming as small/power-optimised as cellphones for a considerable time. I see WiMAX' main role in the next 5 years being for non-phone devices like laptops, media players, in-car systems, PDA-type products etc.

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