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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

3GSM in Barcelona...

Mobile World Congress. Who thought of that rebranding?

First of all, go to a mirror and watch your lips as you say "M..... W..... C....". Then do it again with "3... G... S.... M". Acronyms with W's in the middle are quite literally a mouthful.

Now, what does that tell you about the priority placed on "user experience" among the networks part of the mobile industry?

I must have already had 10 conversations which have gone "Yeah, I'll be at 3GS... er.... I mean Mobile Congress W..... er... World Mobile Co.... er....... in Barcelona"

Then there's the completely unaffiliated event I attended in Hong Kong a couple of weeks ago, called Mobility World Congress. Or have I got them the wrong way around?

I'll still be calling it 3GSM, and I encourage everyone else to do the same. It's memorable, its pronounceable and it's uniquely differentiated. If I really fancy winding people up, I might say 4GSM, which would have been a much better re-brand.

Unless anyone has any new clever ideasfor turning MWC into a nicely-enunciated word? "MoWK" perhaps? Or maybe said as if it was an air-kiss "Oh dahling, are you going to be at mwoc this year?"


Anonymous said...

I am totally with you, it's 3GSM and nothing else!

Peter Judge said...

4GSM is not only easier to remember, it opens up a really, really classy pronunciation:


Peter Judge

Anonymous said...

I still call it "Cannes".

Anonymous said...

ha ha...Cannes :-)

Memories of dingy hotels, abusive restaurant waiters,drunken parties on boats, paying €10 for a soggy baguette, not being able to access WiFi, local mobile cells at capacity, failing demos.....

Anyway, isn't the name change part of the fallout from Informa losing the management of the congress from the GSMA?

Could be wrong (?)

Unknown said...

I'm going to 3GSM, not the other event you mentioned