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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Cisco & IMS - it's about coherence, not seamlessness

Attending a great panel session at Cisco on service provider architecture, and the thorny issue of IMS cropped up.

I've long shuddered at the mere mention of the hideous word 'seamless'. My general rule is that any presentation at a conference loses several credibility points if it includes it, and in the case of companies embracing it as a major element in product names or branding (eg Motorola) it's much worse.

Responding to a question about blending mobile video services with IPTV, one of Cisco's execs came out with the fantastic line that they are "aiming for a coherent experience, not a seamless experience". In other words - the application needs to be similar, but bearer- and device-aware. He used the example of Outlook on a PC bs a BlackBerry. It's obviously the same underlying application, but presented in a coherent way to give an optimum, context-based user experience, rather than being truly seamless or identical.

I'm so stealing the word 'coherence' when talking about convergence & fixed/mobile applications....


Peter J. Cranstone said...

What I've been saying for a year now. The application needs to be bearer and device aware. The application (in this case the web service) needs to know Me and my current context.

Anonymous said...

What's the positioning when the application needs the same user experience - for example plain old voice service (POVS)?