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Thursday, January 24, 2008

FAO: AR/PR people - My 3GSM schedule is now full

Slightly off topic - but in the interest of saving time all-round, any PR/AR folk hoping to organise meetings & briefings with me during 3GSM in Barcelona next month, I'm sorry but my diary is now full. I'm currently receiving 10+ invitations a day, so if you read this before hitting "send", can I suggest you may wish to leave me off the list.

Exceptions may be made on a highly cynical & mercenary basis for people who are current or probable future paying customers of Disruptive Analysis.....


Anonymous said...

Dean - thank you for this note. I was just reading through working out if you'd be interested in meeting XYZcorp to learn about their innovative new solution/element/platform service for (insert fashionable acronym). This posting is a nice clear and polite way of saying no thanks, and if only more people did this, our jobs would be much, much easier.

Dean Bubley said...

Adrian, thanks for your comment.

And a follow-up:

During 3GSM, it's always better to use SMS to reach me than voice. I've got back-to-back meetings and so will be checking voicemail only sporadically. And no, I don't want some voice-to-speech tool like Spinvox either.