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Monday, January 07, 2008

Two fixed HSUPA routers launched... both using VoIPo3G as a use case

I see that two rival vendors of 3G fixed routers (typically used in corporate networks) have announced HSUPA versions of their products, with commentary about their suitability for VoIP.

Top Global - "Many of our enterprise customers are using the 3G MobileBridge (MB8000) with IP phones which route voice traffic from their remote offices over 3G cellular network work to their corporate IP-PBX"

Sarian (release isn't up on the site yet, but their PR team has sent it to me) which major on the use of the technology for uploading real-time, legal evidence-quality CCTV but also refers to the possible use of the 3G router for emergency backup of fixed-line VoIP "ability to route large quantities of data in real-time also facilitates business tools such as VoIP and video-conferencing, while in the event of fixed-line network crisis"

Obviously, this is something of a niche usage case, compared with handset- or laptop-based VoIPo3G, but it's still interesting to see, especially as it will be a further driver for carriers to relax restrictions on VoIP on their 3G data plans, particularly for their corporate customers.

It's also another thing that packet inspection / policy boxes (and their managers) need to be aware of - having the network squash someone's disaster-recovery traffic is unlikely to drive customer loyalty.....

The question is whether the rest of the QoS & policy infrastructure (and the people managing it) will have the fine-grained control to say that certain customers' VoIP is acceptable, and others might not be. Especially as the VoIP may be added as a use case for the backup system by the enterprise network manager at a later date - you'd hope they would check the T's & C's they'd signed previously, but in reality?

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