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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Multiplicity management - sharing data & content between devices

Just spotted this article about a company called doubleTwist which seems to enable consumers to swap content, contacts & other files across multiple handset types (& other devices).

"provides sync support for the Sony PSP, Nokia N Series, Sony Ericsson Walkman and Cybershot phones, LG Viewty, and Windows Mobile smart phones such as those from HTC and Palm. Apple iPhone users will soon be able to view content they receive from friends by accessing doubleTwist from their phone's Safari browser"

This sounds like exactly the type of business model I have in mind when I talk about enabling users to enjoy multiplicity - "You want 3 devices? No problem, we'll help you."

In the long term, I can see this type of philosophy being much more successful than something like a Microsoft or Nokia/Ovi platform trying to steer people towards loyalty to a single OS or handset family.

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