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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Telco 2.0 and Forum Oxford conferences next week

There's a couple of great events next week that I'm attending / participating in, and which I'd recommend to anyone interested in next-gen telecoms strategies, or a more specific analysis of mobile applications.

First off, on the 16th & 17th, is the latest Telco 2.0 brainstorm event. I've chaired/attended various of the previous ones and they are a world away from the usual vendor-led powerpoint onslaught. Martin Geddes & Co usually give some extremely insightful angles on how incumbent & new-entrant operators can work towards valuable new revenue streams, without trying to fight stupid battles against the inevitabilities of the Internet & IP.
(Disclosure: I work collaboratively with the STL / Telco 2.0 guys on various things)

Next up, on the 18th, is the Forum Oxford Future Technologies conference. ForOx is a great online mobile-focused web forum, which is often host to some fascinating debates & insights. The event should be a good (& inexpensive) tour around emerging types of mobile application & service. It also features myself arguing against regular online sparring partner Tomi Ahonen in "The great mobile debate: Will the future of the Internet be shaped by mobile, or is the PC still in control?", which should be a fun session. I'll be contending that the overall structure or usage of the Internet isn't going to be meaningfully changed by people accessing it via mobile phones. I'm not going to give my arguments away in advance, but I'd imagine that words like "dongle", "spectrum", "multi-tasking" and "enterprise" will all crop up at some point.

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