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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Blending mobile VoIP and call-through

I see that Truphone has launched a call-through add-on to its service. This is a bit like iSkoot with Skype, or various other pseudo-mobile-VoIP services like Jajah and Mobivox.

This makes a lot of sense. I expect quite a few of the players in the space to attempt to bundle together:

  • VoWLAN from home or hotspot
  • VoIPo3G when 3G coverage & flatrate data is available
  • Call-through which exploit users' bundled GSM minutes
  • A PC client as well as handset-based calling
There's no point in having a "one size fits all" approach to blending VoIP and mobile. The precise circusmtances of an individual user will vary according to country, calling patterns, preferences, handset, "host" mobile operator, specific tariff, partnerships, interest in "enhanced" VoIP vs. cheap calls, and myriad other criteria.

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