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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Metro WiFi - last nail in the coffin

I've been consistently negative about the prospects for metro WiFi. It's been doomed to failure from the start, usually championed by bored local-government IT drones looking for a new bandwagon to waste taxpayers money on.

There's a long list of negatives, but chief among them is that outdoor WiFi doesn't work indoors. It's useless. It's just wireless for traffic wardens.

So the demise of the Philadelphia poster-child network comes as little surprise to me.

I'm a little more open-minded about metro WiMAX (or maybe 3G), but I'm not holding my breath about that either, especially if it's at 3.5GHz - and 2.6GHz might be tricky too.


Anonymous said...

Lucky there weren't a lot of positive thinkers like you when Columbus set sail. Otherwise, we'd be all Brits living in England.

Why think poaitive and constructive when you can be negative and destructive.

Its always easier to destroy and find the bad then see the good and build.


Dean Bubley said...

No, wrong.

There's no excuse for poor planning and wishful thinking.

I see plenty of business plans & companies that are optimistic and willing to take risks. Read through my posts and you'll see plenty of positive comments.

But in this case there were a herd of elephants in the room.

And to use your Columbus analogy - There's a huge difference between a willingness to navigate uncharted waters... and a willingness to ignore the fact your boat's got a big hole in it.