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Friday, June 20, 2008

2 events next week: Femtocells & Billing/Pricing

I'm going to be participating in a couple of interesting industry events next week.

The first is the industry conference for Femtocells, run by Avren Events. I went to the one last year and it was literally standing room only. It's colocated with the Femto Forum Plenary so all the great & the good should be there.

I'm around on Tuesday & Wed, and will be taking part in a panel on low-cost femtocells. If you're there, I'll be easy to spot, as I'll be the one wearing body armour in case anyone violently disagrees with my stance on the need for femto-optimised handsets. Or indeed, if anyone takes exception to the fact my femto market forecasts are a lot less bullish than other analysts - I'm expecting a baseline of 8m shipments in 2012, with the chance of a bigger ramp-up thereafter if all goes well.

The other event is totally different, but also should be very interesting. Run by billing vendor Highdeal & moderated by myself, it's a roundtable on the evening of Weds 25th. It will be comparing Billing & Pricing strategies across multiple different industries - telecoms (especially mobile), finance, and transportation. Although these industries all overlap, there are some interesting parallels to be drawn, and lessons to be understood.

The event is mostly aimed at journalists & other analysts but others may attend as well. The invitation form & info is here.

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