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Monday, September 08, 2008

Petition against deep packet inspection

I've got to congratulate the folk at TelecomTV for their principled stance over misuse of DPI. They're running a loud & well-articulated campaign called "Throttle the Package", arguing against some of the more draconian terms in some upcoming European telecoms legislation. 

It's essentially the EU version of the US Net Neutrality debate, with the debate heavily skewed by legacy content providers' lobbying might. I'd recommend that readers sign up at TelecomTV's site to tell the Commission what right-thinking people believe. 

I'm not against the protection of copyrighted materials by legitimate means, but much of what is being proposed is illegitimate, heavy-handed, malevolent and ultimately doomed to failure anyway. And more importantly, it risks some fundamental "collateral damage" to numerous innocent and innovative business models.

I've written at length before about the use and misuse of DPI, and all of its numerous problems and the likely response.

In a way, I take the same view of European DPI issues as I do about US net neutrality - any service provider stupid enough to try something really egregious - like Comcast in the US - will get a suitable competitive, legal and/or technical kicking. But frankly, while I'm confident that in the long term, reasonable compromises will be reached, this really isn't the time to be wasting money and effort fighting the filtering fools.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words Dean. We continue to chip away.....