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Monday, February 09, 2009

MWC Panel Discussion: Surviving the economy in 2009, "Prospering on a Shoestring"

I am moderating a panel discussion next Monday in Barcelona, looking at various tactics and strategies that can be employed by operators to mitigate the worst impacts of the downturn. It is being organised and sponsored by Highdeal, the billing/charging specialist.

Speakers include representatives from HP, SAP, Telekom Slovenia and Mauritius Telecom, plus Highdeal's CTO.

We'll be looking at a broad spread of issues around the challenges being faced in 2009/2010, ranging from industry consolidation and potential delays in capex, through outsourcing and innovative business models. We'll also drill into how services can be priced and packaged to balance the shifting priorities and behaviours of end users, against the limitations and constraints of operators' OSS and charging infrastructure.

I've done a couple of similar sessions with Highdeal in the past, and they're very interactive and cover a lot of general material; there's no big "pitch", just good discussion and (I hope) a bit of gentle disagreement and debate. There's also a reception afterwards with drinks & canapes.

Details and a sign-up form are here.

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