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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Annoying WiFi logins

OK, first off top marks to the organisers of the Open Mobile Summit for arranging free WiFi for delegates.

However, it's notable that we've all been given daily BT OpenZone scratch-cards, rather than just having a dedicated conference-room SSID or single conference login. There was an OpenZone speaker, so I guess this may have been negotiated outside the usual hotel/event channel.

However, while I'm glad to have WiFi, and OpenZone is generally far better than peers like Swisscom in terms of attitude & pricing, it's a bit of a pain to use.

The BT splash-screen takes about 10 seconds to appear in the browser. Then it asks for both a username & password, which is a bit silly given they're both printed on the same card (behind a scratch-off panel - overengineering or what?)

I then have to enter both a 9-digit ID and a 10-character alphanumeric keyword. And then re-enter it after each time I hibernate my PC during the breaks.

It's completely unnecessary hassle - especially given the unfriendliness of the password. I haven't dared try and hook up any phone-type WiFi devices. Honestly, it's £5 worth of WiFi, not a bank account, so why the goldplated "security".

If anyone cares - my username & password are 409650422 and uhbpAKj4R8 respectively....

1 comment:

Matt Millar said...

Use Devicescape?


I confess I haven't seen a login page since I started using it...