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Monday, June 08, 2009

Apple iPhone 3G S - quick thoughts

Just had a quick glance at the new iPhone specs.

Interesting that it's just an incremental advance rather than a serious overhaul - I was expecting either a mini/nano version, or a souped-up one.

Things that are in it: MMS, cut & paste, 3MP camera, more battery life, compass, video, more memory, faster processor

Things that aren't in it: HSUPA, flash, 5 or 8MP camera, WVGA screen (800x480), multitasking (I think), slide-out QWERTY pad

My take is that it's probably enough for many existing owners of the 2G iPhone to upgrade (most of the 3G owners still have another 12 months contract to run anyway). Also looks like it's been priced to compete against some specific rivals (notably the Palm Pre) and extend market reach, rather than be the ultimate heavyweight ultra-spec superphone.

Probably makes a lot of commercial sense, as I suspect Apple would rather have 50 million normal midrange users, rather than 20 million ubergeeks. Given the economy, they probably made some pragmatic decisions about designing it down to a price, rather than going the Nokia route and putting in everything but the kitchen sink.

On the topic of which, I should be getting a shiny N97 to play with soon. I also need to change my "normal" voice/SMS phone (currently an S-E C902) as it seems to be getting progressively less reliable & crashing a lot. Assuming O2 keeps the Apple contract, I'm probably tempted by the iPhone S, assuming I'm not hammered too much for an early upgrade.


Axel said...

Come on Dean, you should get a BlackBerry!

Dean Bubley said...

Yes, I should be spending more time using one of those as well.

I quite like the Bold, but it's a bit too chunky to be my web/email device, and I don't want a QWERTY on my voice/SMS phone.

The iPhone is probably the first smartphone I'd consider using as my main voice phone, simply because of the elegance of the touchscreen swipe for basic apps like the contact list & photo gallery. Generally I'm much more inclined to get a slim, well-constructed featurephone, as I'm not the slightest bit interested in apps for personal use.


Hywel said...

Your Sony-Eriksson is becoming more crash-prone with time? That seems to be the case with many of the newer models.

Gareth said...

Yes Apples iPhone, with the built in obsolesence of consumerism.

I can't wait for the SRI to come out... or if you're a real snob the HSE...