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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Which web services should ISPs give maximum QoS to?

Just a quick cynical thought here.....

...I'm doing a bunch of research at the moment on whether there are particular Internet services that broadband operators (fixed or mobile) might choose to prioritise, or indeed deprioritise/throttle. I'm especially interested in whether there's any real-world business models where "upstream" service providers actually pay cold hard cash to the access network owner to get extra QoS / bandwidth guarantees.

It's just struck me that there's certainly one group of websites that it's worth ISPs prioritising if at all possible, even if they don't actually charge for it: speed-testing services.

I wonder if any of the DPI boxes have been programmed to recognise "speedtest.net" or similar, and make sure that there's as much optimisation as possible thrown at that particular HTTP session?

I'm reminded of some car companies which (rumour has it) only give reviewers the most "special" examples of their new vehicles to test....


IanVisits said...

Plus Net offer an option to users to prioritise online gaming and VoIP traffic at the expense of general web/email traffic.


Eelco said...
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Stefano Quintarelli said...

My ISP prioritizes VoIP on the access link (I'm on hiperlan; BTW, I could have chosen other services).

He does not prioritize traffic on the backbone, he just oversizes it.

Eelco said...

Igore my previous post... Using a proxy would only measure the speed between the proxy and the benchmark site.