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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pre-MWC notes for analyst relations staff

OK, it's the time of the year when I get bombarded by emails and phone calls from a million people inviting me to briefings and similar events in Barcelona for 3GSM (I still hate the term MWC).

In order to maximise the value of both my time and yours, I thought I'd give some pointers:

- Priority goes to meetings with mobile operator execs, strategists and the like, particularly to talk about mobile broadband, new business models and device portfolio
- Next priority areas for me are with vendors of femtocells, smartphones & OS's, connection managers, mobile broadband devices & modems, LTE and HSPA+ radio gear, infrastructure enabling "offload", handset chipsets / platforms
- Of significant interest are handset apps providers that are doing "hard" stuff like VoIP, backhaul vendors, OSS/BSS suppliers, integration services & consultancies, although I'll probably be waiting until nearer the time to see what gaps in my schedule I have available
- I'm not interested at all in mobile TV, content, advertising, and a million small apps companies trying to jump on the social networking bandwagon because they access Facebook's API.
- If company is based in London, or regularly has execs passing through, it seems fairly pointless to go all the way to Barcelona for a meeting
- Generally I find that joint press & analyst events are not valuable
- If you pitch me with "story ideas" I won't be interested
- If your company/client refers to either LTE or WiMAX as "4G" I'm unlikely to take it seriously
- I almost certainly won't be attending anything that's more than 5 mins walk from the Fira, unless it finishes before 8.30am or starts after 6pm. So the Fira Palace Hotel is OK, but anything which needs a mission on the metro isn't.
- Invitations to interesting parties and dinners are always gratefully received...

Lastly, I have a couple of presentation or moderating gigs already scheduled in, on various topics. If you're interested in having a well-known analyst participate at your customer or press event, let me know and we can discuss suitable arrangements. Similar, if anyone is interested in meeting me to discuss Disruptive Analysis' consulting and advisory offerings, please get in touch.

(information AT disruptive-analysis DOT COM)

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