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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Conference season! Telco 2.0, Open Mobile and others. Discounts available....

Looks like April and May will be Powerpoint central for me.... numerous events that I've been asked to speak at or help develop.

Unfortunately I won't be at next week's eComm in San Francisco, but if you're interested in the most cutting edge innovations around the whole "next communications" arena, from cloud voice to social networks to augmented reality, it will be there.

The big event of the month is undoubtedly the Telco 2.0 9th Brainstorm here in London. I'm going to be running sessions on Mobile Broadband Network Economics, and telcos' ability to gain additional revenue streams via New Devices.

In May I'll be at the Open Mobile Summit from May 26-27, chairing the stream on "Open Mobile Networks".

For any of these, if you tell 'em I sent you, there should be a discount available on delegate fees. Email me for details if you need them.

In addition, I'm also at upcoming events on
- Telecom Cloud Services
- IMS (I'll be wearing my bulletproof vest)
- Indoor Wireless

Get in touch if you'd like to arrange a meeting to discuss Disruptive Analysis consultancy services and published research at any of these - information AT disruptive-analysis DOT com.

Oh, and lastly a I'm speaking at next week in a personal capacity, although it's organised by a name many in the mobile industry will find familiar, David Wood, former SVP at Symbian. The UK Humanity+ event is all about ways we may change both our species and our planet over the coming decades, from cognitive enhancement to anti-ageing to the "singularity". Should be an utterly fascinating day, and if you're in London I'd exhort you to come along.

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