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Monday, May 17, 2010

NEW research paper on the Top 10 Technologies for mobile broadband traffic management

This post is a quick "early alert" for a new thought-leadership report published by Disruptive Analysis this week.

It is a concise, 24-page briefing on the technical options for managing traffic on 3G/4G networks, following on from earlier posts I've written on the diverging solutions that are emerging.

It outlines the different roles of:

  • WiFi Offload
  • Femtocell Offload
  • Radio network enhancements (including signalling management, macro network offload and r packet scheduling and prioritisation)
  • Compression, adaptation and transcoding
  • Device-based traffic management techniques (including compression, rate-adaptation and network-sharing)
  • Contention management & tuning TCP/IP
  • Deep packet inspection, policy-based traffic shaping & differential charging
  • End-to-end service assurance and monitoring
  • Caching, multicast & CDNs
  • Congestion APIs
It also examines some "starting point" recommendations for operators assessing their options for reducing traffic on congested networks, as well as discussing some of the most worrying operational and tactical pitfalls that may occur.

(Note: this is not a full analyst "strategy report", but a short document to introduce the expanding variety of technical options emerging to solve the "capacity crunch". It does not include detailed analysis of vendor positions or the minutiae of architectures. Further details on business models are covered in other research reports)

I'm am going to be at the LTE event in Amsterdam over the next two days (ash-cloud permitting) and I will be setting up a more fancy electronic document-delivery system at the end of the week, and talking through the analysis in more depth.

However, if you're desperate to get the research paper immediately, I've set up a "get it now" button for instant purchases which then go straight to the PDF download page. Prices start at US$350 for 1-5 users, plus VAT for UK/EU customers.

ONLINE PAYMENT FOR NON-EU CUSTOMERS ONLY - For UK / EU purchases, please email information AT disruptive-analysis DOT com for VAT invoicing.

The payment is done via Paypal's merchant system, but you do not need a Paypal account - you can pay by credit card if you click on the link in the lower-left hand corner of the payment page.

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