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Monday, June 07, 2010

Thought for the day - mobile communities...


Of a given group of friends / associates, what is the probability that they will either:

a) Share the same mobile operator
b) Share the same mobile device / OS
c) Share the same Internet social network
d) Share the same interoperable multi-operator / multi-device client & service?


Anonymous said...

I think all of these are heavily dependent on a few things.

a) where the friends live;
b) their needs w/r/t devices;
c) their priorities in interacting; and
d) the availability and utility of said devices.

Assuming that these people are friends and have some basic similarities and needs, then I would guess something like:

a) 50/50 (where I live, you have Verizon or AT&T, period)
b) Maybe a 40% chance. In government, literally everyone has put their lives on a BlackBerry. Also my friend's kids love the BBM, weirdly enough.
c) North of 70%. I don't do Facebook or LinkedIn but it's a given nowadays.
d) Probably 10% or less. The only reason I know there's any chance at all is because some of us have 'em for work.

Steve Hanov said...
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Steve Hanov said...
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paulantoine said...

a) not frequent but may happen. eg: all the Nannies in my area use the same operator. Employees of a mobile operator

b) I've seen a mobile device get dominance in some groups (a device used by over half of the people) but I don't remember seeing any group without a few exceptions.

c) yes. the most likely of the first 3. to get a figure you would have to be more precise about the sample (group size...)

d) not sure what you mean. SMS ?

Pdocki said...

Down in Brazil:
a) and b) unlikely
c) most likely, say 90%
b) Might be possible, if and only if the 4 big operators stretch and sweat over its differences...