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Monday, April 11, 2011

Communications innovators - get thee to eComm in June!

I've been involved in Lee Dryburgh's series of eComm events for several years, both as speaker and as a member of its advisory list. For those of you not familiar with eComm, it's an event that is more about a shared understanding of the future (or possible future) of communications, rather than specific takes on a given technology. It spans next-gen voice services, wireless technologies, apps, social networks, messaging, devices, services business models, regulations and much more. Previous speakers have included the Android founders, senior Skype execs, FCC staffers and a plethora of others.

Up to a point, eComm has something of an anti-establishment feel, which surfaces in occasional anti-telco attitudes - although ironically some of the most provocative speakers have been from thought-leading telco business units. Overall, eComm tends to rail against the status quo, or restrictions on communication. It also tends to favour innovation over centralisation - standards are useful but not essential tools.

The next event is coming up at the end of June in San Francisco, but for various personal reasons Lee has had to take some time off from organising it.

This is a call to my blog readers with interesting stories to tell to apply for a speaking slot. This could be something about new services, new communications apps, perhaps new enabling platforms, or new takes on devices, user-experience and regulation. It *shouldn't* be a straightforward vendor pitch for something essentially me-too. (The back-channel can be pretty merciless on corporate powerpoint-mongers).

Either way, I'd exhort you to have a look at eComm, perhaps looking at the speaker roster from previous events such as US 2010, or Europe 2009.

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